Diverse visual information on historic events, human fates, traditions and changes in the cultural environment of Tukums and the nearby municipalities.

The museum holds 19th and 20th century photographs by A. fon Čerņevskis, H. Gessau, M. Priede, J. Lesins, K. Erdmans, Ž. Bergs, A. Ābols, E. Liepiņš, M. Sabandži, etc. Other photographs in the collection were taken at the photo studio of the Household Services Centre of Tukums District, by press photographers Ž. Legzdiņš, I. Fedorovičs, J. Vītols, V. Mašnovskis, V. Koršunovs, A. Jansons, etc., as well as museum employees, including F. Bērziņš and L. Šteinbauma, and many amateurs. The museum’s collection also includes 572 glass plate negatives by F. Skujenieks.

 The photographs are used in all catalogues and publications of Tukums Museum, including Agrita Ozola’s book “Tukums. Old Town: Streets, Buildings and Citizens”. It is the most comprehensive work documenting and visualising the development of Tukums as a town, with more than 2500 photographs, including postcards issued by J. Birzgals’ publishing house, O. Zeldovs’ and Ž. Bergs’ printing house and the Government Securities Press.

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