The exposition is located in the room, that accommodated Rainis’ Museum for eight years (1929–1937). The poet himself helped to create it.

Rainis, whose real name was Jānis Pliekšāns (1865–1929), came into the possession of Durbe Manor during the agrarian reform. From 20 January 1922 until 26 August 1929, the poet frequently visited Tukums and Durbe for matters related to real estate. Rainis was invited to participate in various events, including the foundation stone laying ceremony for Tukums Primary School (the current Rainis’ Gymnasium) on 25 September 1927 and the 1st Song Celebration of the Tukums Region on 10 June 1928. 18 July 1929, when Rainis arrived in Durbe to spend the summer in the rooms prepared for him and Aspazija, can be considered the unofficial opening of Rainis’ Museum. The official opening was on 28 September 1929, after Rainis had already passed away.

The exposition’s purpose is not only to reveal an outstanding poet’s connection to Durbe Manor and provide an insight into the creation and organisation of Rainis’ Museum, but also to ensure a better understanding of the era and this excellent personality. At the same time, it offers a glimpse into the history of Durbe and other manors, the fate of its owners in the first half of the 20th century and the lives of the last owners of Durbe Manor, the von der Recke family.

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