The historic 20th century events in Tukums and the human fates in a Latvian, Baltic and European context in six thematic parts.

The name “Our Stories, No One Else’s” demonstrates the desire to view the historic 20th century events in Tukums in a broader context, comparing them to processes on the scale of Latvian, Baltic and even European history, while still focusing on the fates of specific people.

The exposition consists of six thematic parts, where each of the periods is highlighted by an object with a special story. The exposition also includes an animation film called “The Story of Tukums”, which is a retelling of one of the darkest pages in Latvian history of the past century from a child’s perspective. Each generation perceives this story differently: for some, they are memories of their childhood, but for others, it is a story heard from their parents or grandparents. Although the film is short, it takes the viewers through nearly 50 years of history as if it were a fairy tale with a happy ending.

To make the exposition possible, the history of Tukums was studied through engaging citizens of different age, social and ethnic groups: hearing out their memories and encouraging them to donate museum-grade objects.

The exposition was made within the “Our Stories, No One Else’s” project, which is financed by the EU’s Europe for Citizens programme, Action 4 – European Active Remembrance and co-financed by Tukums Municipality Council and the Ministry of Culture.

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