Traveling exhibition


The exhibition retells the life stories of ten real people affected by the national identity destruction policy enforced by the soviet authorities. 

The authors of the birch bark letters written in Siberia were representatives of Latvian intelligentsia and agriculture, who were deemed undesirable by the soviet rule due to their public activity, civil standing or resistance and consequently arrested and punished after World War II or exiled to Siberia on 14 June 1941 or 25 March 1949. 

The birch bark letters written in Siberia hold a symbolic meaning in Latvian history as a soviet era testimony to some of the most tragic events in Latvia’s 20th-century history: arrests and deportations that qualify as crimes against humanity. 

So far, the exhibition has visited 11 countries: the USA, Australia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. 

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