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The Tukums Museum was established on December 30, 1935, as the first art museum outside of Rīga.  The collection was assembled by the painter Leonīds Āriņš (1907-1991), who was also the museum’s first director.
Over the course of time, the Tukums Museum has developed into a cultural environment museum which merges seven museums which present art, history, cultural history, ethnography and folklore.  It represents the cultural and historical specifics of Northern Kurzeme, emphasising the region’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage values.
The museum’s collection contains more than 88,000 objects, of which one-tenth are on exhibit.  The Tukums Museum is distinguished by a very valuable collection of Latvia art, as well as a collection of 19th century interior design objects.
The Tukums Museum offers expositions and exhibits, a range of scholarly publications, interest-based educational activities for children and schoolchildren, travelling exhibitions and programmes, as well as ongoing education programmes for adults and professional training courses for pedagogues.