Svētdiena, 15.12.2013, 16:15

Uzmanību, atvērt jaunā logā. PDFDrukātNosūtīt draugam

The exhibition hall that features a weaving workshop regularly features the latest work from master weavers who use long-forgotten, as well as state-of-the-art technologies.  Also on display are artworks from museum collections.  The small salon offers souvenirs, as well as the work of weavers and craftswomen in Tukums.

The workshop offers individual and group training via courses, creative workshops, and ongoing education courses to learn about various textile techniques.  In addition to using looms, visitors can learn how to weave triangular scarves on a cardboard foundation, to weave ornamental ribbons, and to try out the slightly forgotten technique of bobbin lace making.  Schoolchildren can learn the foundations of weaving as a part of homemaking courses.