Gallery Doors


Svētdiena, 15.12.2013, 16:15

Uzmanību, atvērt jaunā logā. PDFDrukātNosūtīt draugam

The “Durvis” gallery is an arts space that was created for the creative work of contemporary artists.  It is in the city centre and in a building that was erected in 1758.  Once a pharmacy was housed there, after which the ducal surgeon Johann Gottlob Groschke organised a laboratory there, complete with a collection of natural objects, coins and surgical instruments.
The gallery regularly stages art exhibitions and offers artworks, applied arts products and souvenirs for sale.  The aim is to make contemporary artworks widely available, popularising not just the creative discoveries of master artists and applied artists, but also those of young and upcoming artists.
The gallery was established in 1988 as a permanent exhibition and retail salon for the Tukums Museum.  It has changed locations several times.  The name of the gallery was inspired by a Rococo door from the 18th century that is found at Brīvības Square 21, thus confirming the talents of master craftsmen in the city in the past.  This encourages modern artists to open the doors to new horizons.