Svētdiena, 15.12.2013, 16:15

The “CastleTower” dates back to the period between 1772 and 1787, and it was built with fragments of the stones used to build the former castle of the Livonian Order.  They came from the north-eastern corner of the old building.

The castle, also known as the New Castle, was built after 1299, when the OldCastle on the Tukums Castle Hill fell into disrepair.  Until the late 15th century, the New Castle was occupied by the master of the Livonian Order, after which it was taken over by the castle master of the Duchy of Courland and Zemgale.  The castle was sacked and restored several times, and its existence ended after a Russian military attack during the Great Northern War.  The rocks were used not just to build the “CastleTower,” but also to erect other buildings in Tukums.

For more than two centuries, the “CastleTower” served as a prison and warehouse.  The TukumsHistoryMuseum took it over in 1995, offering exhibitions and exhibits to reflect various themes and events.